DChemical Process Industries

  • Rods, Bushes, Sheets & Tubes
  • Expansion joint - Line Bellows, Valve bellows, PTFE+GFT Composite bellows, Custom bellows
  • Gaskets - Envelope, Ready cut Gaskets, Universal Rope Gaskets, Fused joint-circular-elliptical equipments envelope gaskets
  • Michanical Packing - Chevron packings, O/V/D/U Rings, Cup Seals
  • Valve & Pump - Components - Ball Seats, Steam Seals, Body Seals, Plug Sleeves, Diaphrams, Balls
  • Laboratory Ware-Beakers, Plug cocks, Tubes
  • Thread Seal Tapes

Michanical Induatries

  • PTFE Low Friction Liners for machine tools guideways and slideways.
  • PTFE Piston Rings for dry running air compressor.
  • PTFE Low load high speed bush bearings.
  • PTFE Guide bands & Piston Seals for hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.
  • PTFE Hysterisis- Friction Washers for automobile Clutches.
  • PTFE Bridge Support bearing pads.
  • PTFE Bearing / pads for sprinklers.
  • PTFE Pipeline Support Bearing Pads.
  • PTFE Railway bogie bearings.
  • PTFE Bearings for Conveyor belts
  • PTFE Gear Case wiper Rings.
  • PTFE Bearings / Pads for Actuators.
  • PTFE Support pads/ Wear strips / bearing pads in Railway bogies.
  • PTFE Support pads/ Wear strips / bearing pads in machine tools & equipments

Electrical and Electronic Industries

  • PTFE Nozzles for SF6 circuit breakers.
  • PTFE Ultra thin sintered insulation tapes for traction machine.
  • PTFE Capacitors film.
  • PTFE Brush Holders.
  • PTFE Thin walled spaghetti tubing for insulation in aircraft and space vehicles
  • PTFE Ultra thin tape for failsafe applications.
  • PTFE Barb Insulators.
  • PTFE Heat Shrinkable sleeving for insulation.
  • PTFE Connectors.

Specification - PTFE

The Specification applicable and followed to process & manufacture PTFE Products are as under:

Shapes ASTM BS
1. Raw Polymer D-1457 5184
2. Rods D-1710 4271/5130
3. Thick walled tubes D-1710 4271/5130
4. Thin walled tubes D-3295 4976
5. Moulded Sheet D-3295 3784
6. Skived Sheet / Tape - 4893
7. Moulded Basic Shape D-3294 3873
8. Unsintered Tape - 4375

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