Reasons to Choose ALFA Brand of Mechanical Seals

QUALITY - ALFA products are manufactured according to international standards. To ensure long life of product, we use the best quality raw materials. Raw materials, parts and complete assemblies are inspected by using latest instruments in all stages to prevent any lapse in quality. To conform to the strict quality control, all our mechanical seals undergo pressure and leak testing before being sent out to our customers

PERFORMANCE - based on customer evaluations, we are able to assess that our products performed equally or even superior compared to expensive and well-known mechanical seals brand.

WARRANTY - due to strict quality control from start of production until shipment, our products are warranted against defects and workmanship.

COST - ALFA products cost 25% cheaper than other manufacturer or mechanical seal distributor. Through modular design techniques, we minimized production cost thus lowering the prices of our products.

DELIVERY - we have sufficient personnel and production facilities in order to support immediate requirements and rush deliveries of standard and special design seals according to the needs of our customers.